I pledge to join my generation as we vote and take to the streets to win a society that works for all of us.

This year, our generation has the power to transform American politics forever.

There are millions of us, in every corner of the country, who believe that workers deserve unions and living wages, who know that no one in the richest country on earth should be evicted, who will fight to defund the police, and who are hungry for a green new deal that will tackle the climate crisis while making society more fair and just in the process.

COVID-19, the recession, and the uprisings have thrown the old rules out the window. Historic change is coming. The question is: will the forces of fear and hate bring us into a darker version of the past, or will our generation rise up and light the way forward?

The answer is up to us. The change we need will be impossible if our generation doesn’t vote in this election. And we know voting alone is nowhere near enough. We need a generational uprising that makes it clear to those in power that we won’t back down until our ideas are the law of the land.

It won’t be easy. But a better world is within reach. Are you in?